Back in March, we decided to try composting.  I was pretty good about collecting our kitchen refuse of compostable nature for a good number of months.  Construction mayhem eventually got in the way of my consistent compost habits and I fell off the compost wagon. I discovered a few things in the process:

  • Cockroaches and ants love a dry (i.e., unattended) compost bin.
  • There are some BIG cockroaches in Puerto Rico…
  • Eventually, the geckos will discover “Cafe Roach” (aka our compost bin) and keep the nasty critters under control
  • One should bang the lid of the bin before opening to avoid sudden startling of inhabitants (and oneself)
  • Thick vines DO NOT decompose

On Monday, we had Joel in for our last earth moving work to cover the patio foundations and tidy up the side of the house (more on that later).  I decided it was high time that we find a permanent position for our compost bin and put it back to work.  First, of course, we figured we should have a peek to see what was happening inside…

Nick rose to the challenge of opening up the bin and clearing it out.  Some serious banging of the bin convinced its occupants to leave (mostly geckos).  Nick removed the top layer of dried out vines and lo and behold!  Despite our complete neglect of the bin for a good number of months, we managed to produce a bucket-full of lovely black compost!  

Re-motivated by this success, I’m again determined to continue my kitchen composting.  We have relocated the compost bin to the side of the house, right next to a water source and with easy access from the house.   Now I have no excuse for letting the bin dry out.  Given our current rate of planting (more on that later), we’ll be needing all the compost we can make!  🙂