As the dust is starting to clear from our almost done construction phase, things around here are starting to finally come together. With 2 acres there is always something to do. However, we decided early on to take our landscaping efforts slowly, tackling one area at a time rather than an “all out” landscaping endeavor. We’ve been collecting a good number of plants (mostly grown from cuttings provided by our friends Ron and Caren), and figured that eventually we will find them permanent homes.

We somehow managed to end up with a large number of shade loving plants (haleconias and ornamental gingers). This presented us with a bit of a quandary, as shade is one thing that is in short supply. When our house was built, the plot was pretty much razed, resulting in few mature trees near the house. In time, the palms we planted will provide shady areas. However, as of now, most of our prime planting areas are in strong sun most of the day.

Nick pointed out that we DO have one shady place, the area underneath the stairs from the driveway to our palm terrace. We had been trying to figure out what to do with this spot as the triangular shape made by the two retaining walls meeting is an awkward shape. Nick suggested planting the shade plants under the stairs and then covering the entire area in gravel. We’re quite happy with how it turned out:

Triangle garden