After a full year on the island, we packed our bags last week for a trip to the “mainland” for Thanksgiving with my family in Saint Louis.  We were thankful to find all our winter clothing in one piece and I was VERY thankful to be cleaning mold off my leather jacket for the very last time.  We decided to throw in the towel (or the jacket as the case may be) on our leather coats.  As much as I like my jacket, I hated the almost monthly cleaning of items we used maybe once or twice a year.  We decided to relocate the coats to where we will actually use them.  My jacket is now happily living in my parent’s climate controlled house in Saint Louis.  Nick’s jacket will be moving back to the UK later this month (hope this is OK, Helen?).

Two flights and three airports later, we arrived in Saint Louis with a seasonal gift from American Airlines: a bad case of the sniffles which eventually developed into a fully blown cold for both of us. Add to the mix a wintry storm in Saint Louis (with snow and very cold temps) and the two of us were getting quite home-sick for our sunny, warm hillside.  We had a lovely Thanksgiving and it was great to spend time with my family but now were are thankful to be back home!


Snow in Saint Louis