Our recent Thanksgiving trip to the mainland afforded us an opportunity to buy certain items not readily available on (or easily shippable to) the island. Thanks to Miri’s terrific forward planning and online ordering expertise, we went to St. Loius with just carry-on luggage and returned with 2 large boxes and a duffel bag of extra checked luggage! 🙂 Thanks Batya and Yehuda for providing temporary storage space for all our purchases.

Among the items were 2 10inch white solar globes, destined to replace the rather sad (and broken) plastic ‘lanterns’ on the pillars at the bottom of our front steps. I spent a couple of hours yesterday morning pulling out the old lights and installing the new ones (including drilling through the bases to secure them to the columns). We were very happy with how they looked, although after installing them we realised it might have been sensible to wait, charge them up for a day and check they worked before drilling holes in them and making them un-returnable! So we waited with bated breath for night to come, and happily they both worked perfectly.

Next DIY project is to replace the tacky gold bathroom fixtures (we inherited with the house), with the nice new chrome ones that also came home with us in our luggage…