Over the holidays, we returned to the UK for the first time since moving over to visit Nick’s family.   We ate lots, drank a good amount, spent quality time with friends and family and stocked up on some English staples (see below).  We did not, however, enjoy the weather!  I had forgotten how sunless, damp and cold an English winter can be. 

Curry and other miscellaneous essentials

During our short Thanksgiving visit, my potted plants suffered from the one week’s neglect.  We were concerned what 11 days of inconsistent watering (this is the dry season after all) would do to my tomatoes and other cherished plants.  Nick put together a timed watering system, using a sprinkler we brought from the UK (back then, this small sprinkler was all we needed to water our entire yard…), a garden hose and a digital watering timer from Home Depot. We set the system up, tested it and hoped for the best!

I am happy to report that the system worked like a charm. We returned to flourishing plants (we’ve been enjoying succulent grape tomatoes for the past few days). In fact, most plants looked better than they did before we left (one tomato seedling grew by about 1000%, as if on steroids!).  I think I need to water my plants more… 🙂

Water Timer

Watering setup from above

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The system in action