Both Nick and I adore Indian food.  During our recent visit to the UK, we ate four curries (two take-aways and two curry house outings).  Had our visit lasted  more than 11 days, I’m sure we would have managed to eat a few more…  🙂

Though I can cook a lovely (if a tad too healthy) curry, I have yet to replicate the “traditional” UK curry house curries that Nick craves.  As previously mentioned, sadly, Puerto Rico has no curry houses worthy of their name.  So, further action on the home front was needed.  

To that end, I took advantage of our visit to the UK to pick up some “reinforcements” in the form of pre-packaged kits that promised a true “Curry House Curry” and staples such as Poppadoms and Indian Pickles. Since our return, I’ve been trying out the various products, as well as happily using a number of Curry House staples we received as gifts (lemon squeezers, condiment serving carousel).  I’ve discovered that frying popaddoms is a skill which will require more practice (and more religious use of a thermometer to monitor oil temparature).   And sadly, the Indian Pickles I bought were deemed inedible by Nick (actually, he called them “toxic waste”) and I concurred.  I’m going to have to try my hand at making lime pickle. 

Last night, it was time to try out one of the Onion Bhaji kits we got.  My previous efforts at home-made bhajis had ranged from inedible (who knew you couldn’t make chickpea flour at home…) to a bit dense. Nick’s verdict on last nights bhajis?  “Awesome!”.  Next test, the elusive Chicken Tikka Masala (we have 3 different kits to try…).

Nice Mango Chutney, nasty pickles
Shiny new condiment carousel (thanks Helen!)

Onion Bhaji Success!

Awesome Onion Bhajis