My grape tomato plants are doing very well, and producing a good crop of very sweet fruit.   However, we still have to buy larger tomatoes, for use in sandwiches.   Try as I may, sliced grape tomatoes WILL NOT stay put in a sandwich…   I purchase tomatoes almost exclusively from Juan and Antony’s produce stand on the 115 in Añasco (who likely refer to me as “Señora Tomate y Gengibre”).  They have good produce, including nice, locally grown roma tomatoes.

I decided to take some seeds from one of their roma tomatoes and try to grow my own. Amazingly, the seeds sprouted with ease.  During our trip to the UK, one of the plants went on a major growth spurt, and since our return has doubled in size yet again (amazing what regular watering will do for plants…)!  The plant is now covered in flowers and we already have 2 little roma babies which hopefully will be the start of a bumper crop. Exciting!

Baby Romas!
Little baby Roma tomatoes

Roma Plant!
Happy Tomato Plant