Today we lost our main cellphone. Went to the supermarket. Came home. No phone. Went back to the supermarket. No phone. Rang phone multiple times. No answer.

When the phone started going straight to voicemail when we rang it, we figured that was it. Someone has found it and decided to keep it. We phoned Sprint and reported the phone lost.

An hour or so later, I was down at the Deportivo playing tennis when our other cellphone rang. It was the lost phone calling! A young lady called Jennifer had found it in a cart at the supermarket and was calling the last incoming number trying to find the owner. Not only that, but she then offered to drive over to the Deportivo to return it.
A few minutes later she showed up, returned the phone and wouldn’t accept any money in return.

Its little personal incidents like this that keep me optimistic about human nature, despite all the awful things we see on the news day after day.