We used to have a large, pretty and very productive passion fruit vine growing over a tree immediately behind our house. Before it died and had to be cut down Miri took some seeds and tried to cultivate new plants. It took several attempts but eventually she had several healthy baby passion fruit vines.

Recently they’ve started growing more aggressively and gotten to the point of throwing out their little clingy tendrils, so we needed to find a permanent home for them. The terrace immediately below the side wall was chosen as it is relatively flat, not too far from the house for fruit collection purposes and having some green there will help soften the wall.

Miri found me a simple looking design for a passion fruit trellis online that didn’t involve any complicated carpentry and so during our weekly Home Depot visit I picked up the necessary stakes and wire for the job. I ignored the traditional bamboo stakes in favour of some ‘sturdy stakes’ (hollow steel tubes covered with green plastic) as these will be a lot stronger and more resilient to the elements.

As well as doing the 40ft long version found online I decided to experiment and do a smaller triangle shaped trellis of my own design. Both are anchored to the ground with wire and hopefully will bear the weight of ‘fully loaded’ vines at some point in the not too distant future.