As I wait for my studio equipment to arrive (it shipped on Monday), I’m happily removing my tools from the storage box they’ve lived in for the last 15 odd months. I had forgotten how many tools I’ve collected over the years (I’ve been doing pottery since 1991…). Again, it will probably take a potter to understand, but its like being reunited with old friends! 🙂

During my quest to identify the best clay bodies to test (and one’s that I’d be able to order here in Puerto Rico), I posted a query on Clayart, a pottery bulletin board. I received a lot of advice about clay bodies that work well with the glazes I plan to mix up. The input was all very helpful and did indeed help me narrow down the list of clays. I was completely blown away though by the very kind (and totally unexpected) offer by one of the forum contributors to send me small amounts of a few clay bodies she uses in her studio. She declined my offer to cover the cost of the clay and the shipping. “Just ‘clay’ it forward!” she said. 3 days later, I received a Flat Rate USPS Priority Mail box with 4 different types of clay (a total of 22 lbs!). Thanks Mayssan!