Shed ownership is an in-joke in my family. To my nephew John its a clear sign of being over the hill and no longer ‘cool’. 🙂

Despite this we’ve been looking for a suitable shed for our garden tools for ages. We wanted something that was small enough to be tucked away under our patio overhang and yet large enough for our mower etc.

Most of the smaller ‘garden storage solutions’ are box type systems with the lid on the top, which wouldn’t work for us. Eventually we found what we thought was the perfect shed at Home Depot, with a nifty sliding roof to improve access, but of course they didn’t have any in stock.

On Tuesday we noticed they’d got one in stock but the 2 boxes it came in were BIG (5½x4½x1ft each) and there was no way they were going to go in our car. We went back yesterday after working out that although the boxes were big, each individual panel should fit. We were still a bit vague on whether all the panels would go into the car in one go, but we figured it was worth a try!

We got the 2 boxes loaded onto our cart (with the help of a friendly passer-by) and slowly navigated our way to the checkout, with Miri clearing a path in front of me! We amused the security guard at the exit as we tried to work out if the boxes would fit through the door (they did… just) and also got some strange looks in the carpark as we ripped the boxes open and started loading our shed piece by piece into the car. Everything fit just right. The hardest part was actually breaking the cardboard boxes down, folding them up and stuffing them in the car.

Once home we cleared the space under the overhang and then puzzled over the less than clear instructions (“assembly time: less than 15 mins”… yeah right!!). Eventually we figured out how the pieces connected together. See the results below.

We’re very happy with our new shed. Sorry John…