My studio equipment has arrived on the island. Yippee! Despite reassurance from UPS Freight in San Juan that their driver knows Rincón REALLY well, past experience has demonstrated again and again that sending delivery guys our “home made” map gets them here with the least amount of hassle. UPS informed me that as email was not an option, I would have to fax the map.

In the past, whenever we needed to fax, we went into town and paid for this service at the local computer store. I decided to find an option that does not require a trip into town, and therefore much quicker. Enter Using this service, I successfully faxed our map to the San Juan office of UPS Freight. Did I mention it was free? The cover page includes an ad, but hey, its FREE! If you don’t want an ad sent with your fax, you can pay $1.99 for a fax of up to 15 pages. I was quite impressed by the speed of delivery (as confirmed by a phone call from UPS). Now we just have to hope that the delivery guy is actually given the map… 😉