My kiln room finally has an occupant! The kiln I ordered (an L&L e-28s) is but a medium sized top-loader but it still weighs about 370 lbs.  The delivery guy put the pallets just inside the front door which meant we then had to move the kiln down one flight of stairs to its new home. This meant taking the kiln apart, which it is designed for.

Nick carefully followed the manufacturers directions for disassembling the kiln (quite a stressful job!) and is now very well aquainted with the kiln’s construction and inner workings! Hopefully we will not be needing to use this hands-on knowledge anytime soon!

Once we carried all the parts downstairs (lid, hinge, electrical box, 2 rings and base), “we” got to put the kiln back together again! We also installed a vent-sure kiln vent (we had actually planned ahead during the construction phase and had a hole in the wall all ready for the vent pipe). Now, some kiln wash on the shelves and on to the first test firing. Boy this is getting exciting! 🙂