Yesterday we got Miri all setup with her kiln. Today it was my turn. A little after 10am this morning 2 guys turned up in a pick-up truck with my new pool table on the back (good job it wasn’t raining!). 🙂

We’d ordered the table during our trip to San Juan last Tuesday. We got it from a place called Billares Columbia in Bayamon. This is a family-run business that has been making pool tables on the island since 1958! They have a huge range of styles, colours and sizes available. We spent a happy couple of hours in the showroom looking at all the options and making a decision. Given that the tables are made to order and all use imported European 3/4″ thick slate beds they are really good value (especially since they’ve got a sale on right now).

We got to have a look in their factory while we were there. It was very interesting to see the tables in various states of completion. Once we’d made our decision (matt black table with burgundy cloth) the owner asked when we’d like it delivered. We asked how long they normally take to make; “only 2 or 3 days” was the surprising reply. We settled on delivery for today and since they also had accessories, we bought a light for over the table and took it home with us so I could get it installed before the table arrived.

As promised the table showed up this morning and the guys got it unloaded, positioned and levelled very efficiently. We’d already got the rest of the room organised (sofa, big TV etc.) so this was the final piece.
The only problem is that now I’ve got everything I wanted setup in there I’m not sure I’m ever going out again… 🙂