Since moving to PR, I’ve been itching to make some plates using the very textured leaves of the Sea grape, which is abundant in our area. Finally, yesterday I had a go. I like ’em!

I’ve also been experimenting with new mug shapes. My mug shape has been fairly constant since I started making them (back in 1992…). I like my belly mugs as I find the shape very appealing and the shape is very nice to hold but decided to try some new, more streamlined shapes. I’ve also been messing around with the various stamps I made in the UK, including a little flower stamp, hence the flower mug. It is very light and dainty (I think!). My (self elected) creative director noted (with a bit of concern) that the flowers were not evenly spaced. I actually like it that way. What do you think?

Old shape, new shape and mine!