Jim recently posed a question I cannot answer: What kind of avocados do we have in Puerto Rico? I imagine that “yummy ones” is not an academic enough answer. Perhaps some of our local experts can chime in? Our massive (about 60 feet, give or take 10 feet) tree produces large, creamy, delicious fruit. These are the rounder “Aguacates” (not the long neck, lighter green colored other local variety). I know these are not “Hass” Avocados (are Hass “California” avocados?). Regardless of what they are, I look forward to eating lots of ’em. And, given that the prediction is that Avocados will be scarce and expensive in mainland US this year, maybe we should sell them on ebay! 🙂

Tasty avocados from last year’s crop (can of beans for scale only).