With a bowl full of mangoes screaming “Mango curry”” and a pre-planned curry dinner, last night we had an Indian feast. We started off with papadoms (now cooked to perfection, thanks to the utilization of a thermometer to assure super-hot oil) with mint-yoghurt sauce, mango-date preserves (thanks Imma!) and my home-made toxic lime pickle (which Nick refuses to eat but I think is lovely). We then had bombay potatoes (of course), lazy chef pilau rice (throw a stick of cinnamon, 4 cardomom seeds, a bit of tumeric and a bay leaf in with the rice and water — make sure to remove all offending items pre serving!) and a lovely Mango Chicken Curry. As is my way, I changed the recipe a bit (this distresses Nick a little, as he worries that I will not be able to replicate successful variations…):

  • Added a bunch of spices (cumin seed, mustard seed, nigella seed) into the oil before sauteeing the onions
  • Used a cubano pepper rather than a red pepper
  • Used only coconut milk
  • Didn’t blend the sauce pre-cooking the chicken (I like a chunky sauce and why create more cleanup?)

Nick deemed it a winner (and I concurred), and it went very well with sliced bananas (something they did in his house, which brought back happy childhood memories for him).  And the best thing?  Lots of leftovers (which curry lovers know is a very good thing, as curry ages very well).  So tonight, curry night take two, this time with some onion bahjis to round things out.  Yum!