We recently picked 2 papayas (one massive, one normal sized).  I decided to try to make frozen yogurt (aka yogurt ice-cream).  I love frozen yogurt and have not been able to find any in our stores here on the west coast of the island (I’m sure they have it in the big city of San Juan).   I looked online for a recipe and the ones I found suggested to use thick (e.g., greek) yogurt, so I decided to improvise (its a fine day here in PR when I find plain low fat yogurt in the supermarket–no need to be all fussy and require greek stuff, now is there???).

I started off with low fat yogurt which I dumped into my trusty Donvier Yogurt Cheese Maker and left it in the fridge for a few days (at this point, I put my ice-cream maker center into the freezer).  I came back to it today, dumped the now yogurt cheese into my lovely red ice-cream maker with a beaker full of pureed  papaya, a bit of vanilla extract, a few teaspoons of sugar and 10 minutes later?  Yummy, slightly tart frozen papaya goodness on a spoon.  I don’t know if Nick will rate this as highly as his ice-cream based shakes, but I think I’m on to a good thing here!  Next stop, mango frozen yogurt! 

papaya yogurt