We’ve been collecting fruit trees over the last few months from various sources; seeds, cuttings and free plants from Rincón Brilla. They’ve been surviving in pots, waiting for the rainy season. Since it has rained every afternoon for the last week we figured the rainy season had arrived and so action was required!

Today we planted the trees on the rainwater tank terrace that will from now on be officially known as the “fruit tree terrace”. The trees we have on there are Guanábana, Achiote, Mandarin, Papaya, Acerola, Lemon, Icaco and Longan. We had to work around the rain showers, but at least the ground was nice and wet so the trees should be happy in their new home.

Trees positioned and waiting to be planted…
Fruit trees in position

In the ground…
Fruit trees planted

The white ‘collars’ you can just about see in the second picture are sections I cut from a spare 6″ pvc pipe and they’re filled with gravel, also left over from construction. The collars serve multiple purposes; making the small trees clearly visible so we don’t destroy them with our weedwackers (it has been known!), keeping weeds from growing at the base of the trees and also keeping the soil there moist for longer (not really a problem this time of year).

The trees are all fairly small so it will be a few years before we get fruit from most of them, but hey, we’re in no rush! 🙂