I went down to the “nursery” this morning to see how my various plants were doing and to water the peanut grass cuttings.  One of my pepper plants was looking like someone had been snacking on it.  As I had removed (and squashed) a few green nasty eggs from an adjacent plant the other day I started looking for those squirming little buggers. I noticed a brown twig stuck in the plant and gave it a shove. It held on for dear life, which led me to the conclusion that, hey, this ain’t no twig (what can I say, the coffee had already kicked in).
My internet research suggests it might be a twig caterpillar Pretty cool critter, had it not been chomping on my tender plant. As the case may be, it had to go. After Señor Twig had his 15 seconds of fame, I removed him from the plant (which required a good yanking with a protective paper towel). And then I squashed him.
twiggy bug

Spot the Twig worm (pre-squashing)