I finally got around to starting some seeds for my vegetable patch. In my efforts so far, I’ve had luck with local tomatoes and cuban peppers (started from seeds I’ve harvested). But, as I would like to expand our vegetable offerings a tad, I ordered a variety of seeds from seedman.com that are supposed to do well in our wet and hot tropical climate (we are solidly into the rainy season now):

  • Black Panther Pumpkin
  • Chinese Cabbage
  • New Zealand Spinach (boy are these seeds funky looking)
  • Garlic chives
  • Crisphead Lettuce
  • Purple Ball Eggplant
  • Flowering Tsoi Sim

I started all the above, as well as a few local eggplant seeds in nice little rows. Once stuff starts happening, I’ll transplant the seedlings into my nice flat (if now weed covered) vegetable patch. Got to do something about them weeds…


And in the studio, I’ve been pottering around, throwing stuff, handbuilding and generally very much enjoying my time in the studio. Here are some recent favorites: A massive coffee mug (“More Coffee”) and thanks to a comment by my blog-friend Gary, an elegant tumbler with..a frog! (I do hope Taino petroglyphs count Gary?).