The last couple of days has seen us out planting the Christmas Palms that we’ve been nurturing in pots for the last 18 months. In December 2007 Miri had the forethought to pick up a dozen seeds off the sidewalk from a very nice looking Christmas Palm in downtown Rincón.

All 12 sprouted very happily and have been regularly transplanted into bigger pots as they’ve grown. We’ve seen a lot of these palms used to line driveways etc. around here and so although it isn’t very original we thought a line of them up by the road would look nice.

After measuring it out we figured we needed to plant 11 of them at 10ft intervals, but we only had 9 left as we’d already planted 3 in our front planter. After much discussion we decided to dig them up and use them to make sure all 11 would be the same. Miri picked up 3 younger replacements from Rincón Brilla and we planted those as we dug up the originals.

11 large holes is a lot of digging and unfortunately the ground is quite rocky by the road, so I was using the pickaxe more than the shovel! 😦 Eventually we got all 11 in the ground and we’ve got a spare still in its pot in case one of them doesn’t make it.

As with most of our gardening projects it will take a few years to really look its best, but we think they look cute already. Our neighbours do too! 🙂

Palms by the road