One of our iPods stopped working recently and so we sent it off to this company in Arizona called They supposedly offer free repair estimates and free shipping back regardless of whether you accept their estimate or not.

We got the emailed estimate quickly, but it was over $70 and since it was only an iPod mini we decided not to spend the money to get it fixed. I emailed them back to ask if they wanted to buy it, and if not to send it back to us. No response.

Weeks later and multiple emails and voice messages (their phone number always goes straight to voicemail), still no response.
We’ve got the Arizona branch of the Better Business Bureau on the case now, but I don’t hold out much hope of getting our iPod back. Good job it was broken!

irestoreteam – if you’re reading this, we want our iPod back!!

UPDATE: today (June 12th) we finally got our iPod back and apparently others who were in the same boat have also got theirs back.