I am quite pleased with my new “line” of coqui cups and was happy to hear that many of you like them too! Fran asked if I’ve ever made a set of espresso cups. Well, truth be told, no, I never have! But, it sounded like a mighty fine idea and also a nifty small item that would be handy for my upcoming glaze testing (small is good when testing the unknown). This is the smallest thing I’ve ever thrown (well, since I threw some wonky shot-glasses off of the hump back in my early days of pottery in STL–but those DO NOT count).

And another first, I extruded the handles using my ickle extruder (a gift I had not yet used). For such a small tool, it worked really well and I can see using it more in the future. I might tweak the design a bit, but I can also see myself making a bunch more of this little cute cups. Maybe some shot glasses too…

Coqui Espresso Cups and Saucers

Tiny but handy extruder