It is that time of year again. Heading down the hill to our large (though not pina) mango tree is now a daily affair (a vision in latex blue gloves, due to my urushiol allergy). Our neighbor has 4 or so big mango trees on the hill bordering our land. Between the mangoes falling off of her trees (which happily roll down the hill to our land) and those falling off ours, the (very nicely cleared, thanks to Nick) ground is dotted with fruit. The rejects go to the horses. Prime fruit goes back up the hill with me .

Yesterday’s “pickings” were especially large and plentiful, which meant mango chutney time! Last year, I made a good many batches of mango chutney.  In fact, we ran out only a few months ago, which was quite good timing. By now, we were both hungry for mango chutney again! This year, I decided to try a new recipe, an intriguing sounding chutney from Pakistan.

As per usual, I have a few recipe modifications to report. There was no way I could bring myself to use 2.5 cups of sugar! 1.5 seemed like plenty to me. I also used more than 4 mangoes. There is not that much fruit on our fiberous mangoes, and 4 didn’t seem even close to enough. As I didn’t have cardamom seeds, I used an extra cardamom pod. Oh, and the heat level was not quite up there, so I added a few generous pinches of my Zingerman’s Marash Pepper flakes (my supply of which is getting concerningly low…). That’s it for modifications I think (other than cooking the mixture for much more than 1 minute after adding the vinegar as it seemed far too watery).

The chutney itself is very pretty, with suspended pepper flecks and other spices augmenting its lovely amber color. I removed the larger spices (cinnamon, cardamom pods and cloves) to keep a certain someone happy (though I’m with Nick on that one: ever bite into a cardamom pod???). And the taste? To quote Nick: “Its good!”. I’d go as far as to say its is exceptionally good. Chutney and cheese sandwiches for lunch it is then!

Tasty Chutney and nifty new canning tools (thanks Helen & John!)