Yeah, ok. Nick doesn’t get it either. “Those look just like the tons of tools you ALREADY have in the studio”. Well actually, no! THOSE tools are cheap, dreadful tools. These tools are actually good! 🙂 I’ve been spending so much concentrated time trimming pots these days that I quickly came to the following conclusions:

  1. My trimming tools (save for my beloved Dolan 150, purchased back in the mid 90s…) suck.
  2. I need me some new trimming tools!

Following a series of helpful emails and calls with Link, I put in an order for some Groovy tools (yes, they’re really called that), some more Dolan tools and I also took the opportunity to upgrade my badly deteriorated kemper rubber ribs with some Sherrill ribs (and decided I needed a MudSponge too…). Makes for a colorful assortment, no? Guess I’d better get back to work now…