One of the few consumable items that I’ve been missing since leaving the UK is squash. No, not the vegetable, the drink. For the uninitiated, squash is a concentrated liquid that you dilute with water to make a flavoured drink (e.g. orange, lemon, lime etc.). There are some liquid concentrates on sale here but they look really syrupy and tend be strange flavours.

Since drinking beer before noon is frowned upon 😉 I’ve been missing a soft drink that can be consumed in quantity. The options we’ve had in our fridge up to now have been water (boring), Diet Coke (I can only take so much caffeine and gas), Gatorade (sugar-tastic!) or orange juice (expensive and still quite sugary). So, we’ve been keeping our eyes open for a good alternative.

Miri returned triumphantly from Econo the other day carrying a small container called “Tang”. Inside were 3 small tubs of orange powder. “I found you squash!” she said. According to the instructions you just add water to make an orange flavoured drink. To say I was slightly skeptical would be a huge understatement! 🙂

Anyway, we mixed it up and I was pleasantly surprised. It really does taste ‘orangey’ and not artificial at all. Very reminiscent of orange squash in fact! Each small tub makes 2 large pitchers worth, so its economical too. Best of all its sugar free! 🙂