Following up on our successful (if stressful) maiden kiln firing, we forged on to fire my first bisque.  For those of you unfamiliar with the pottery making process, “to bisque” is to fire the clay for the first time.   Once bisqued, wares have no chemically bonded water left in the clay. Bisque is a true ceramic material, although the clay body has not yet reached maturity.  Bisque ware is then glazed, and fired a second time (in my case) to a higher temperature.  Then, its done!

I was amazed how much stuff I got in my L&L  e-28S (I kept out my large bowls and the new coqui espresso set as I wanted to make sure those were super dry).  This picture shows just the bottom layer of shelves.  I’ll spare you the other 2 layers!



The bisque firing was successful.  Again, we endured a night of flickering lights and strange hums from our fridge.  But, the kiln successfully reached cone 04 with no cracks or other firing calamities.  


Here you have all my new bisque ware chilling out in the kiln room.  Boy, I’ve got lots of bisque ware to glaze!  One more bisque firing, and then let the glaze testing commence!  🙂