When we first moved over (and during the trips prior to our move), we spent a good amount of time just driving around the main roads, taking any turn off that didn’t have a “Calle sin salida” (road without exit, i.e., dead end) sign on it, and taking it all in.   So many of the roads in our area are “interior”, and do not show up on any maps.  The roads are small and curvy, so driving can be quite an adventure.  We do have a compass in the car, but find that the best way to figure out where you are is by identifying land marks.  The Atlantic Ocean and the Carribbean Sea are good ones, as are houses of distinction.

Having been a tad busy recently with pottery, house and land projects, we’ve not done our random driving thing for a while. Last weekend we took a drive 10 minutes up into the hills to check out a house for sale for some USA based blog friends.  We live in Cruces de Rincon, which is 10 minutes up into the hills from town and the beach.  For many locals, this is “muy lejos!” (very far).  But even further up the hill from us are the barrios of Atalaya and Jaguey.  This is where we headed.  

During our drive we “discovered” a nice looking restaurant  named “Casa Linda” that overlooks the Caribbean Sea and the city of Mayaguez.  The views were spectacular and the restaurant looked very pleasant.  Last night, we decided to go check it out and were glad we did.  We had churrasco, which was flavorful, tender and nicely grilled, and an interesting sounding “Lasaña de mofongo rellena” or layered chicken stew with smashed plantains instead of pasta.  It was very filling and very tasty.  The ambiance was very pleasant.  There is a spacious and nicely furnished indoor area but we chose to sit on the back patio, which affords amazing views of the valley and the sea.  And the best thing?  We more than covered our bill with our “discount” money from paying Nick’s speeding ticket!  Result!

Restaurante Casa Linda: A bit hazy but pretty nonetheless