As you may recall, a few weeks ago we picked a stem of large plantains. As you can eat plantains at various stages of ripeness, we’ve been slowly working our way through them. First, we tried a new (to us) Dominican dish called “mangu”. Basically, you cut up green plantains (with the skin, which is very difficult to peel off at this stage) and boil them until soft. Then, you easily slip off the peels and mash them with milk, butter (or, in our case, earth balance) and salt. The taste is somewhat reminiscent of mashed potatoes, though slightly more robust and earthy. It went very well with chicken sausages and sautéed peppers.

Once the plantains were a bit riper, we turned to our favorite treatment of this fruit thus far: Amarillos. As we still had a good amount of plantains left, I hit the internet to find some more recipes. I came across a recipe for “Pastelón de amarillos” (Ripe Plantains Lasagna) which sounded very similar to a dish called “Piñon” which we had sampled (and loved) in Aibonito last year.

My changes to the recipe:

  • I added two chopped tomatoes and a can of tomato paste to the meat mixture.  Just seemed to call for it
  • I used cuban peppers (from our garden!) instead of bell peppers

Ok, so diet food this ain’t! But, appropriately (as per Ham’s timely comment!), we both have been putting in very long sessions of work on the land (it is grass trimming time, which in our neck of the woods means a lot of weed-whacking, as our land is mostly too steep for a mower). Nick’s verdict? “This is absolutely fantastic!”. I concur and we’ll happily be eating the leftovers of this savory/sweet dish tonight. And yes, Ham, once again I’ll be serving it with a side of salad… 😉
A big pan of bubbling goodness

Served up with a side of salad!