We went out to Laissez Faire in Mayagüez last night and had a very yummy anniversary dinner. There was nothing unusual about the meal itself, but as we were leaving the restaurant we were surprised to see an armed guard on the door.

Not only that, but he asked us if we were parked in the restaurant parking lot and when we said “si” he proceeded to lead us to our car with a flashlight in one hand and the other hand on the butt of his gun!

It didn’t seem to me like the restaurant was in a particularly bad neighbourhood. However the area is mostly deserted at night, the car park is down a fairly dark side street from the restaurant and it is a relatively expensive place, so we’re guessing that maybe they had problems with customers getting robbed or something and the guard is their response.

It certainly made for an interesting end to the evening. I can honestly say that is the first time either of us has had an armed escort when leaving dinner!

This makes PR, and especially Mayagüez, sound dangerous. That really isn’t the case, which is why this guard was so incongruous. We’ve always felt safe where we live and everywhere we’ve visited on the island.