I started taking pictures of my new pots and decided I really NEEDED a light box!  I looked at ebay, saw some that looked good (about $40) but the sellers either didn’t ship to Puerto Rico OR wouldn’t specify how much shipping to PR WAS (just that it was MORE).  Sod that!

A quick search online uncovered many DIY designs for light boxes, including some that suggested using PVC.  Joy oh joy!  My love of PVC is only matched by Nick’s love of that delightful material (and the wonderful aisle in Home Depot filled with lots of excellent little PVC parts).  We had all the PVC pipe we would need leftover from construction but needed a few cruicial parts (including the light fixtures) to complete the set-up so off we went to Home Depot.  We are almost done and glaze results are forthcoming, as is the description of Nick’s PVC masterpieces!  🙂  Happy Independence day everyone!