Nicely focused from my recent glaze firing, I got back on the wheel yesterday  for a lovely couple of hours of throwing and made some more flat bowls/plates.  “But what are they FOR?” asked Nick, ever the pragmatist (well, one of us has to be).  Well, I could go on and on about what you could use these for.  But most importantly, at this point in the venture, the bowls will be stars in my next stage of glaze testing.

This low bowl shape is fairly new in my repetoir:  I started making it at the end of my tenure in the UK.  I really like glazing this  simple shape, as it serves as a great canvas for highlighting glaze interaction.  My first glaze testing showed the potential for some very cool glaze interactions, and some more cool bowls to come!  Oh my fingers are itching in anticipation!

And thinking towards that not so distant future, these little bowls are prototypes of larger low bowls that I’ll make once I have a bit more glaze testing done.   Sacrificing a 12oz bowl is one thing, 3-4 pounds of clay a pop is another…).

On another note, did you notice that cute green clip in the photo?  The the other day, I picked up a pack of colorful clips (at a $1 for 6, how could I resist?).  I thought they’d be perfect in the studio.  Yesterday, I finally put them to good use to keep my plastic sheeting in place over my newly thrown bowls (wicked wind in the studio today!) and, to clamp a sponge to the inside of my water bucket (for wiping off wet/dirty ribs while throwing).  I think I’ll pick up another pack of these today.  Mighty useful little things!