My shelves are starting to fill up with greenware again.  Happy days!  In addition to my 12 small thrown bowls, I’ve cranked out some more Sea Grape Leaf plates.  This time, I made some itty bitty plates from an itty bitty leaf.  I am still on the fence as far as footing these plates.  I’ve been messing around with my various seashell molds and some new ones I made recently (I make them by pushing seashells into clay, removing the shell, then bisquing the mold) and decided, what the heck, let’s give these babies seashell feet (these are, after all, SEA grape leaves!).  Kinda cute, no?


In addition to molds, I’ve recently also made some clay stamps.  I want to have a lot of textured pieces for my next glaze firing and little hand-built plates fit the bill.  I used one of my new stamps to create this pattern (looks like fish to me!).  Sort of M.C. Escher in a fairly simplistic kind of way…