Ok, so technically the post isn’t ground-breaking, but it is about ground-breaking! 🙂

Today was the ground-breaking ceremony for some long awaited improvements at our local sports centre (deportivo). I play tennis there regularly and the environment has taken its toll on the courts. Of the 4 courts only 1 is really playable and even that has lots of cracks that cause bad bounces on a fairly regular basis.

So I was very happy to hear the renovation work is finally commencing (it actually started yesterday). They are first replacing the indoor basketball court floor, then re-surfacing the 4 tennis courts and finally re-surfacing the athletics track. If all goes to plan, they will start on the tennis courts in August and have them done sometime in September. I will be watching closely to see how the work goes.

We took the chance to introduce ourselves to the director of the deportivo and also the project manager from the mayor’s office and get some more info on the technicalities of the project. It also never hurts to know people in officialdom here!

Carlos López, the Mayor of Rincón, speaking at the ceremony

The official ground-breaking