Yesterday, Jim commented about the danger squirrels pose to young plant flowers. WE HAVE NO SQUIRRELS! No worries, I responded. This morning, wouldn’t you know it, I was greeted by one lone yellow pumpkin flower, lying on the ground. Yikes!
Quick internet research revealed some amazing facts:

  • Pumpkins have male flowers and female flowers.
  • The males flower flowers, hopefully do their thing (which requires the presence of a lovely female flower), then fall off the stalk
  • The female flowers flower, hopefully get fertilized and then bring forth a pumpkin!

Garden forums are scary things (especially first think in the morning).  A few minutes reading about folks scurring around in their gardens in the middle of the night with Q-tips (!!!!!) attempting to fertilize their flowers before the males die was a few minutes too much!  Hopefully, my plants will do their thing and manage to syncronize their flowers.  Let the bees do the work!

p.s.  The cucumber flowers are doing fine, thanks for asking.