Up until recently (almost 2 years now!), I’ve always been a city girl.  Even when I lived (briefly) in a small town in Minnesota (aka the COLD years), I was a city girl. Here in Rincón, our life is about as far from big city life as one can get.  When you have goat, dog AND horse herding experience under your belt, you know you ain’t living in the city no more!  😉

As a former city girl, a lot of things that are obvious to folks who grew up in the country are new and marvelous to me.  Take the cucumber, for example.  Did you know it has a very fuzzy and prickly beginning?  I did not!


Another marvel of nature are vines.  We love vines when they are fruit (cucumber, pumpkin and passion fruit), despise them when they are stuff invading our grass (especially the infamous “pica pica”, Spanish for “itch itch”…).  But, you’ve got to admire the tenacity of nature as evident in plant life.  No nervous system, no brain.  Regardless, they latch on for dear life and grow grow grow!


Speaking of growing, my brief foray into the scary world of gardening bulletin boards did teach me a thing or two.  The little bulge under this pumpkin flower would suggest that it is a female flower (the fallen flower had no such bulge).  I didn’t stick around long enough to learn if the bulge has anything to do with being fertilized or not.  I guess we’ll have to wait and see!  🙂