In case you were wondering, there is still pottery going on around here!  With glaze testing top of mind, I made some more (11 to be exact) little fish plates.  This time, I beveled the edges (makes for a nice glaze-breaking line) and added a foot to the bottom of the plates (using the square die on my itty bitty extruder to create rings).  I like this size plate and HATE measuring things.  So, I came up with a shortcut.   I cut one of those flexible plastic cutting boards into an appropriately sized square to use as a cutting template.  Viola!  Measure once, use many times!  The plastic material is easy to shape but nice and sturdy so you can cut up against it with an exacto or fettling knife.


Speaking of plates, I decided to revisit my espresso sets.  In post glazing evaluation, we both thought the original slab-built saucers were not substantial enough for the cups (even if they were very cute).  So, I threw some “proper” saucers for them.  I had never thrown saucers before, but then again, I had never made espresso cups either!  Here they are, all trimmed (with one model glazed cup-sizing of saucers is allowing for clay shrinkage with firings).