Our 4-year old nephew Amishai enjoyed last weeks coconut action movie so much, he asked for another.  So here is another fruit adventure for Amishai.  As many of you also enjoyed the coconut movie, I don’t think Ami would mind if you watch this one too!

We have been watching carefully as the mangoes on the tree right behind our house have been growing bigger and turning a nice reddish color. This tree is a lot younger than the tree we have at the bottom of the hill and a lot smaller too! It is still pretty tall. Much taller than me and even taller than Dod Nick! And that’s pretty tall!

The very special thing about this mango tree is that is is a variety called “piña mango” (that’s Spanish for pineapple mango). The mangoes are very smooth (no fiber) and taste like a cross between a mango and a pineapple! Very tasty!

When mangoes are ripe, they fall off the tree. This is a bit of a problem, as this particular tree is at the TOP of our hill. Anything that falls down, goes rolling down down down down down the hill! So, it is good to pick the mangoes BEFORE they decide to fall off. When mangoes are ready to be picked, you just have to touch them slightly, and then they fall off their stems. A lot of people here have very tall poles with a net on the end. They go around fishing for mangoes off the trees! They stick the pole into the tree, place the net under the fruit and give it a nudge. The mangoes, if ready, fall into the net.

I said to Dod Nick “We should get one of those nets for our tree!” He thought that was a good idea. “No!” I changed my mind. “We should make one! It should be really easy to make”. Again, he thought that was a good idea. “Go for it!” he said. “YOU make it!”. That is not exactly what I had in mind when I said “We” should make it, but decided I would indeed go for it. How difficult could it be???

I should tell you that Dod Nick and I have very different approaches to building things. He spends a lot of time measuring. I don’t. I like to make things quickly. Here is my “Mango Catching Device”:


As you can see, I took a plant pot, punched a hole into it and stuck an extending painting pole into the hole! Job done! When Dod Nick saw my Mango catching device,  He laughed. He was very dubious about its ability to stay put on the pole, not to mention actually catch mangoes. “Just you wait and see!” I told him, and out we want to fish for some mangoes. Do you think it worked? You’ll have to watch the video to find out! 🙂