I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about glazing. My first glaze firing revealed the potential for a lot of very cool glaze layering effects. I really admire the work of Australian potter Greg Daly and was planning some experimentation with some glaze overlapping as well as some more controlled color layering (applying glazes with brushes, using wax-resist, etc).

The other day, I threw some very thin bowls (gotta love double rib throwing!) and decided they would be perfect for some cool glaze blocking. I started thinking about designs and how I’d go about applying them once the work was bisqued. I decided that carving an actual template of sorts into the bowls while they are still greenware would be a cool way to create glaze effects.  The glaze will accent lines but the lines will also provide a clear area for “blocking” certain colors. I’m quite exciting by the idea and have thrown 5 more large bowls to try this out. The cute ice-cream bowls in the background (same amount of clay as the skinner bunch) will stay plain. For now…

New Work: Thin with shapes, chunky waiting for ice-cream!

Shapes Close up

Shapes Close up

Shapes Close up