There are lots of cool birds in PR and one of our favourites is the red tailed hawk. We see quite a few of them flying around up here in the hills. They are big, but are difficult to photograph well because we usually only see them up close as they glide by.

The other day we saw one land in a tree on the other side of our valley. It was too far away to see with the naked eye, but fortunately we have the great binoculars that Miri’s parents bought me. I decided to try a trick that I saw on one of the pottery blogs that Miri reads.

I put the binoculars on a tripod, focused and aimed them in the right direction and then put our little pentax digital camera (on full zoom and at maximum resolution) up to one of the eye-pieces and took a snap.
Happily the bird co-operated and didn’t fly away during the setup process! 🙂

The picture is a bit fuzzy, but given the circumstances it came out pretty well. You can even see the distinctive red tail that gives this hawk its name. Good trick, thanks Brian!

Red tailed hawk
Red Tailed Hawk

Where the hawk was sitting
The white arrow shows where the hawk was sitting