Yesterday we had a bunch of errands to run in the afternoon which took us to the city of Mayagüez.  As result, we missed a freak storm that came through fast and furious (so we hear), with very strong gusts of wind and pelting rains.  We missed the storm, but our study, dining room and kitchen did not…

We left the windows open just enough to provide room for plenty of water to get through.  Have I yet mentioned that we were due a serious cleaning of our upstairs windows screens (the downstairs ones were done just the other day).  Result? Imagine a banshee gone wild with a water-sprayer filled with jet-black water and you get the general picture. In case you don’t, imagine lots of BLACK water spray over walls, flat surfaces and ceilings.  Some sitting water (black) on the floors and TONS of cleaning up to do.  Not exactly what I had planned for today, but such is life.  Amazingly, nothing broke (though some of our artwork was blown clear off the walls) and nothing was damaged.

Cleaning the ceiling in the kitchen has fast-tracked project “repaint badly peeling ceilings” (we were waiting to make sure the roof re-sealing had solved our damp spot issues), as cleaning off the dirt also cleaned off a good amount of bubbled up paint…  Perspective?  I read today on Jim’s blog about the terrible flooding facing folks in his hometown of Louisville, KY.  I’m sure they’d trade with us in a heartbeat.  Perspective.  Its a damn good thing.  And now, back to cleaning….