Here we have another movie for Amishai.  Of course, YOU can watch it too!  Yesterday, while Nick played tennis, I went and “played” amateur David Attenborough in the garden.

Ami,  Sir David Frederick Attenborough is a famous English man (like Dod Nick) who has been making movies about plants and animals for over 50 years!  He is so good at what he does, that the queen of Queen of Great Britain and Northern Ireland gave him a very special honor called “Knighthood”.  That is why there is now a “Sir” in front of his name.   His movies are very good and he clearly really likes making them.  I made a movie for you about our Pumpkins.   Our pumpkin patch is doing very well, thanks to lots of rain and very helpful (and noisy) bees.  But you can see for yourself!  And don’t miss the sneak peak at one of our many banana plants.