What with all the running around getting the house ready for any storm that heads our way, I figured we’d be wanting some comfort food last night night.  Comfort food = CURRY!!!!   I had no idea how big our pumpkin was supposed to get, but hey, he was plenty big for a generous sized curry (and I’ve been dying to pick it) so pick it I did.  As I wasn’t in a recipe state of mind, I decided to just make it up as I go:

Miri’s “everything but the kitchen sink” Indian Pumpkin Curry:

  • Heat about 2tsp of ghee.
  • Toss in some mustard seeds, dried curry leaves, cumin seeds, nigella seeds, a few bay leaves
  • When mustard seeds start to pop, toss in a bit of asafoetida and some turmeric
  • Add minced ginger to taste as well as a green pepper (I used some cuban peppers from the garden)
  • Add a few tomatoes and cayenne pepper to taste
  • Dump in a diced pumpkin and a bit of water.  Add salt to taste
  • Cook until yummy

While we were outside organizing loose (re potential projectile) objects, Nick decided to cut down a coconut.  Its asymmetrical positioning on the tree was offending him.  I think he just really wanted to whack something with his machete…  I already have tons of frozen grated coconut in the deep freezer so I figured I’d use that lone coconut to make a chutney to accompany our poppadoms.  As I had no clear idea exactly what to do, I went to one of my favorite cookbooks, Mangoes & Curry Leaves by Naomi Duguid and Jeffrey Alford for some ideas.

Bingo!  I found a recipe that involved blending the grated coconut with a teaspoon of tamarind paste (which is first softened in a TBS of hot water), some ginger, salt and hot peppers. The next step involved tempering some spices in oil, which was all a bit too much for me at that point.    I really wasn’t in a tempering state of mind.  As I was planning on serving the chutney with popaddoms, I figured it needed to be a bit more runny. So, I mixed in some yogurt and called it “done”. Oh boy such goodness. We both loved it. Another quick “crop using” recipe to add to our menus.

Life of a pumpkin:  From this…


to this…


to this!!!