Yesterday was our 2 year anniversary of moving to “la isla”. As anyone perusing our blog will know, a lot has happened in the 2 years since we arrived blearly-eyed from the long journey, not really knowing what life was going to be like here.

Because we left the UK on Aug 20th but didn’t arrive in PR until the 21st, we get to celebrate across 2 days. On Thursday night we went to one of our favourite ‘low production’ spots… Pepe’s pizza place on the beach in Estella. A sunset walk on the beach followed by some medallas and slices of Pepe’s great pizza made for a very pleasant evening.

Last night we decided to be more adventurous and try out “La Loma”, a place we’d not been to before. It opened a couple of months ago and we kept driving past it and commenting that we needed to check it out. The place is on the 2nd floor of a private house that has been converted to make a pleasant open air seating area with nice views of the ocean on 2 sides, including Desecheo island.

View from La Loma
Ocean view from La Loma

The menu is limited but they have empanadillas and burgers and their speciality is “Las Arañas de Plátano Rellenas” (deep-fried plantain ‘baskets’ with various fillings). We both had empanadillas and then the plantain baskets (BBQ chicken in one and shrimp in the other). The empanadillas were great; they weren’t at all greasy and the fillings were well seasoned and plentiful. There was a good amount of salad and veggies in the baskets, which isn’t always typical of food here, and the actual fried plantain baskets were surprisingy light, crispy and tasty. My only minor criticism was that the protein filling was a touch bland, but some hot sauce soon took care of that!

As a side note; as you can probably tell from my sudden foray into critiquing food, we’ve been watching loads of episodes of Top Chef Masters over the last few days! 🙂

La Loma’s owner, Carlos, is a friendly guy and made us feel very welcome. He is bilingual which made the conversation easier when our Spanish failed us (mine rather more quickly than Miri’s!). We had a good time, watching the sun go down over the ocean with a few beers and some good food. Definitely a place we’d recommend if you want to go have some beers and snacks and watch the sun set. La Loma is at 0.8km on Carr.414 just ‘up the hill’ from the plaza in Rincón. Next time we go there we’re going to check out their burgers.

So, I’m sure you’re wondering what arachnids have got to do with any of this! 🙂

As we got home from La Loma, Miri noticed a huge tarantula by the side of the house. We persuaded it out onto the driveway so I could take a photo (without getting too close on account of the fact that big hairy spiders give me the heebie jeebies!)…

Big spider
BIG spider (with matchbox for scale)

After the spider excitement, we went inside and collapsed in front of the TV for another episode of Top Chef Masters. Restauranters of Rincón beware! 😉