I am busily getting ready for my second glaze firing   I learned a lot from my first glaze firing, and have mixed up a few large batches of glaze (4000 grams), more medium batches (1000 grams), and some small batches (200-500 grams).  Most of the glazes are ones I tested last time, but there are a few newbies (a few raspberries, a jade green and a purple).  So, no longer shooting in the dark but not overly confident either.  All my batches are, of course, brand new batches of glaze and anything can happen!

This time around, I’m going to fire a good amount of larger work and lots of smaller stuff too.  The catch is that I don’t want to glaze more than will actually fit in the the kiln (as anything can happen!).  So, to help me better plan my glazing adventures, I traced one of my kiln shelves onto a piece of cardboard and cut it out.  I then placed bisque ware on the cardboard, approximating the layout for firing.  I’ll be filing in gaps with magnet disks and the like, but at least this gives me an idea of what larger work will fit.  And yes, I took a picture of each shelf for ease of loading once the work is glazed (and seperated the wares for each shelf for ease of loading)!  How super organized is that?  OK, yeah, maybe slightly borders on anal but hey, it will save me time during loading!   🙂  I was really getting into this “being organized” deal so I decided to write with a pencil (this burns out in firing) on each piece how it would be glazed.  Today, alls I had to do was stir up the already mixed glazes and follow yesterday’s instructions!  Easy peasy!  What can I say, Nick must be rubbing off on me…(or as Nick would say “Who are you and what have you done with my wife???”).


Cardboard mock up system