Last week we travelled to mainland USA to visit my family.  We enjoyed spending time with everyone (which was the point of the trip after all).  As this was the first time we had left the island since January 09 (when we visited Nick’s family in the UK), a couple of things struck us:

  • How very carefully manicured nature is in mainland US
  • How QUIET it is in suburban USA (where are the chickens, dogs, cows, birds and, come to mention it, the people??)

We managed to sneak in a visit to a wonderful curry house where we enjoyed (according to Nick) “the best curry outside of the UK”.  Of course, no trip to the mainland would be complete without a visit to specialty food stores (World Market, Trader Joe’s),where we stocked up on some staples.  Nick found what must be the worlds largest can of Heinz Baked Beans (no, it stayed in the store) but also, more importantly, a jar of Branston Pickle (he had just run out) which we did purchase. It was touch and go for a bit at the security point, but the extremely friendly and reasonable TSA officer at Lambert Airport deemed our pickle “more pickle than liquid” and cleared it through security. Whew!  And, at “Containers and more” we found the perfect floating shelves for outfitting one of the walls in my gallery.  Amazingly, everything fit in our “only carry-on” luggage!

Travelling seems to have aggravated a mild case of “trigger thumb” I developed while stripping our kitchen ceiling. Any tricks on making it go away would be much appreciated! I am itching to get back into the studio…