You might have noticed the guest appearance of some shell pendants in my recent glaze testing post. Granted, the hand-pressed pendants (I made the mold by pressing a local seashell into clay and then bisque firing it) are a good size for glaze testing (nice texture too). But, I’ve been meaning to finish these off to serve their proper function as jewelry.

Our recent trip to Saint Louis provided the opportunity to stop into a lovely bead store (the same one I used to frequent as a graduate student over 10 years ago). There, I was able to pick the owner’s brains on best findings, finishes, etc as well as purchase some essentials. Combined with a quick shopping spree on ebay, I had all I needed to make me some necklaces.

So here’s the first “Hecho en Rincón” necklace (ceramic pendant, satin cord, silver plated findings). More coming soon!