I’ve very quietly fired my third glaze kiln last week (sneaky, huh?).  Though I’m still in the “glaze testing” mindset this is the first kiln load that actually felt like a “REAL” firing (with matching sets, intentional glazing, etc). Lots of good stuff, photos to come. In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek:

Of course, “photos” means setting up the light box again. You’ve seen our first stab at a PVC light box, as well as the Gary Rith inspired second iteration thereof.  Now, M&N PVC Productions proudly presents light box take 3:


After seeing Gary’s set up, I realized I needed a third light. As we are no longer using a sheet but rather tracing paper inset into cardboard, the inner PVC frame was no longer needed. However, note the clever solution for hanging my trusty piece of poster board… 😉    The “diffusing device” for the top light is suspended from the PVC using fish wire.  I’m still playing around with the set up and wondering if the top light is a bit too high but we are definitely doing much better now! Thanks Gary! 🙂