This week in the studio its been mostly about mugs.  I’ve been working on new mug shapes and decided that the first batch  I made were a tad too small.  They were made from 12 oz of clay and hold 1 1/4 cups of coffee.  This is plenty for me, as I drink a super strong cuppa in the morning (and that’s it for the day).  But, I figure others might want a slightly larger mug for lots of coffee.  So, this time around, I used 1 lb of clay and ended up with these bad boys:


Mas café (more coffee) indeed!  Even with clay shrinkage (about 11%)  they should still be a good size.

As I continue to ponder issues of size (in pottery that is, mind out of the gutter Stuart!), I’d love to hear from you:

Potters:  What is your typical mug size/s (thrown from how much clay and final volume)?

Everyone else:  What size mug do you prefer for your coffee?  Exact volume would be most helpful!  🙂

And while we’re on the topic of mugs, here’s a “special order” I’m working on for Nick (who will be mighty impressed if anyone on this side of the pond can identify the engraving).